Woman flaunts acne saying covering up imperfections isn’t the ‘way to be normal’

A woman with acne says women should stop feeling pressure to cover up their so-called 'imperfections'.

Kyrie Green, who is in her 20s, dedicates her social media page to spreading acne and skin positivity to her over 29,000 Instagram followers.

She also shares skincare tips and documents her personal journey as to what it's like to experience acne in your adult life.

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In a recent post she's spoken all about how important it is to let your skin breathe telling her followers they should never feel "ashamed" of their skin.

She shared an inspiring message to her page as she posted candid and close-up shots of her face that displayed her acne.

Kyrie donned dramatic turquoise eye make up as she exposed her natural skin that – may not be perfect – but people say still looks beautiful.

Writing on Instagram, Kyrie said: "You should never be too ashamed to let your skin breathe.

"We are taught from a very early age that covering up imperfections is the only way we can be normal in society.

"Growing up I’d cover any breakout in thick concealer to make sure the world didn’t know I had a spot.

"So when I severely broke out, it was ingrained in me to feel ashamed if I went out with my acne uncovered.

"I just wanted to go out and not have to worry if I bought all my makeup with me, so I could reapply heavy layers of concealer and powder in case the rain accidentally exposed my acne, or if my foundation started to wear through the day and redness would peep through.

"Feeling shame when you have acne is kind of normal. AND IT SHOULDN’T BE.

"We shouldn’t feel embarrassed about something we have such little control of.

"Acne is beautiful. Acne is normal. Acne is not shameful. Never forget that."

Since sharing the honest snaps many people have commented telling Kyrie how "beautiful" she looks.

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The post has also raked in several likes.

One person commented: "This is everything", while another added: "Your eyes are beautiful too."

A third said: "I just love this. I always think your acne looks so cool."

A fourth chirped in: "Pimples are not for everyone, so because of that it's also an art."


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