Woman furious after ‘cheeky’ neighbour keeps picking ‘best fruit’ from her tree

On the parenting forum Mumsnet, a woman who wished to remain anonymous shared her frustration over the next-door neighbour who keeps picking fruit from her garden. The woman explained that she is so “annoyed” at people stealing fruit from her tree, especially the lady living next door. “She keeps pinching the fruit off the tree. She leans into our garden to pick the best ones too!” the social media user claimed.

The woman asked other mums what she could do to stop her and many agreed that the only way would be to “tell her to stop” the next time she sees her doing it.

Forum user @‌luciemule suggested: “If she’s picking it, it must be ripe so can’t you pick all the fruit from where the tree goes near her side first, then you won’t need to worry about her stealing it.”

Another one commented: “How cheeky I say. If you can’t pick it all, I’d confront her and say if she’d asked you, you’d have given her a bag.

“That’ll make her feel really bad!! Or maybe it won’t if she’s stealing them in the first place.”

However, some people wondered why she has all that fruit not being collected from her tree. Mumsnet user @‌SenoraPostrophe opined: “Why are the fruits still on the tree?

“Are you going to eat them all? I get unreasonably upset when I see a fruit-laden tree just being ignored.”

Dealing with neighbours who “steal” fruit and vegetables from other gardens seems to be a recurrent issue as other people shared their own stories online.

A Mumsnet user said she was shocked her neighbour sent her an angry note after she picked some blackberries from the side of the bush hanging over her fence.

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On the social media platform, the woman asked: “Neighbourly disputes over blackberry bush?” and explained: “Next-door neighbours have a large blackberry bush, the roots of the bush are in their garden but the bush is overhanging and growing through our fence.”

The woman explained that she and her kids picked some of the blackberries, the ones hanging over their side, and made a blackberry pie.

“Presuming the neighbour had seen us picking them, she has now left a note through our letterbox claiming these blackberries ‘belong’ to her,” she said.

The woman commented, however, that “surely if she was that bothered by them, she’d have taken measures to ensure the bush only grew over her side”.

The mother-of-two claimed that this resulted in “nasty looks being thrown across the driveways and small snide comments being made to us”, and asked other mums to share their opinion on who “is in the wrong here”.

Her post was inundated with comments from hundreds of women saying that she had such a “cheeky” neighbour.

One forum user with username @YelloDraw commented: “Next year you can do as per the ‘rules’ and cut off any overhanging branches and throw them back over her side. Just make sure you do it before the fruit is ripe.”

Another one, @Trifleorbust, opined: “I’m not certain I could bring myself to knock on someone’s door to discuss how we stole the fruit of her common garden weed. But you are right, and more mature than me.”

Another woman, @mrsfuzzy, commented that the berries belong to the neighbour even if the bush hangs over the fence.

“But if it bothered her that much she could trim back. If the roots are on your side you might want to remove them if they are causing damage. As for the snidy comments I’d ignore her, bet the pie was good though,” she added.

Mumsnet user @‌Enidblyton1 commented: “Oh dear some people are so ridiculous! She has allowed her brambles to grow through your fence… you could politely ask her to prune it back.”

Another woman, @‌acasualobserver, suggested she should plant her own. “I have a very nice thornless one that gives a lot of fruit. Keep hers cut back to the boundary.”

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