Woman shares ‘foolproof’ method to get a lad’s attention in club

Chatting up someone you fancy in the club can be daunting, especially if you don't want to use any cheesy pick-up lines.

But luckily, Kali Thompson, 24, has revealed a “foolproof” method to get a lad’s attention in the club – and you don’t even have to crack up a conversation at first.

The lifestyle influencer often shares her daily routine and stories of her past love interests to her 103,000 TikTok followers.

In a recent clip, Kali exposed how she can simply secure herself some ‘attention’ from lads in a club without the faff and worry of an awkward approach.

The blonde beauty donned a navy cut-out jumpsuit as she demonstrated her creative method.

She explained: “Here’s how to get a guy's attention in the club, especially if you are shy, it works every time.

“So, you’ve got to be in the club with your sunglasses on; this is probably more of a rave but anyway,

“You go up to them, you're dancing next to them and you turn around and you put your sunglasses on their head or on their face.”

Kali shared that there are two results from the interesting method .

She said: “Either they are going to take the sunglasses off and go ‘I don’t want them’.

“Which either means they’ve probably got a girlfriend or they just don’t find you attractive unfortunately.

“Or, they’re going to be like ‘woo’ and they will start talking to you.”

The influencer then noted the benefits of the tactic and how it is better than the more common methods of attracting a guy in the club.

“So it works every time really and it does soften the blow to get rejected a little a bit because then you can just pretend you are doing it to everyone or you just move on and do it to the next one.

“When I was younger, I’d get my friend to push me into I guy that I fancied but we have grown from that now.

“Other people have said ‘go up and be like 'do I know you?’ – no, because we all know that trick now.

“But this is foolproof and it works.”

Amazed at Kali’s method, many people fled to the comments to praise her for sharing the method.

One person commented: “Sunnies are the best way.”

Another user added: “Using this in summer.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “I accidentally gave a guy my sunnies at a party and the next day he asked me on a date to give them back.”

Someone else remarked: “I do this with hats.”

And a fifth user expressed: “So genius.”

However, others felt like they had some better tactics to secure a date on a big night out.

This user shared: “What about when they take them and give them to your pretty friend.”

A second person declared: “Bro just go up to them and say hello, it’s literally as simple as that. Majority of blokes are single anyway, don’t overthink it.”

Meanwhile, someone else noted: “We just give them the eyes and hope for the best.”

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