Woman suffers awkward wardrobe malfunction as she dances in plunging mini-dress

A young woman was left red-faced when she suffered an awkward wardrobe malfunction mid-way through her dance.

Julia Thompson, from South Carolina, posted a dance video on TikTok where she and her friend practiced the steps together.

When the music kicks in, the pair both raise their hands up and swing their feet left and right before Julia, wearing a plunging mini dress, realises that her breast is exposed.

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As she continues, she fails to cover her modesty and is forced to stop the dance mid-way.

She turns to look at her friend and they both laugh it off.

Posting the video with a heart emoji to cover her modesty, Julia wrote in the caption: "Wardrobe malfunction."

Meanwhile a busty woman demised a DIY test to find out the best sports bra that gives her the right amount of support and coverage.

Influencer Vanessa, who boasts to have 32G boobs, called it a "bounce test" – as she put on different sports bras and performed a jump test.

The first one, a pink sports bra, left her clutching her chest due to the discomfort and little support from the thin material.

A zip-front version was no better as it caused her an awkward nip-slip moment on camera.

Viewers were shocked and one TikToker said: "The zip up one just gave up!"

Another added: "Thought I was the only one who does the jump test, good to know I'm not alone here."

"Can you imagine if you bought the second one and went out running? Horrible," a third added.

"Glad you did the jump test to find out."

Vanessa ended up keeping the third sports bra she tried – Stella Leah high support sports bra – as she noticed it gave her less movement when she moved around.


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