Woman uses straighteners to pop wine cork in hack – but some fear it’s dangerous

There's nothing worse than craving a bottle of wine but not having an opener to hand.

So to combat this problem, a woman went to extreme lengths to prize the cork out.

Posting under the username @la.caro on TikTok, the woman demonstrated how to open the bottle by using hair straighteners.

In a viral clip, the woman placed the hot tongs around the neck of the bottle.

While applying the heat, the woman turned the bottle around slowly to cover to make sure the whole of the neck was hot enough.

After a few seconds, the cork suddenly pops out of the glass bottle – allowing the women to enjoy their much awaited wine.

The bottle opening hack has now racked up two million views and 140,000 likes after only being posted for a day.

Stunned by the woman's hack, people fled to the comments to thank them for sharing the creative trick.

One person commented: “Girl boss level 9000.”

Another user joked: “Congratulations, now you have sparkling tea to drink.”

Someone else asked: “Sorry but did you have warm wine or not?”

The TikToker replied: “No, I was surprised too.”

Some weren't so convinced by the hair straightener trick though.

One commenter admitted: "I was waiting for something bad to happen."

While the wine popping trick worked well for the woman, we would not recommend trying the "hack".

Messing around with glass and heat sounds like a recipe for disaster – so stick to trusty corkscrews instead.

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