Woman’s boyfriend tells her girls nights in are ‘sexist’ and demands to attend

A woman has explained that her boyfriend takes issue with her hosting girls nights as he considers it sexist.

She wrote online about the issue and said she regularly had meet-ups with her female friends at home, but her new boyfriend who she began dating a few months ago insisted that he be included.

The woman wanted to know if she was wrong for wanting to hang out with her female friends alone, so she asked Reddit.

Posting in the Am I the A**hole forum, she noted: "So I've been seeing this guy ‘Will’, 27M, for months now. He's so sweet and funny and creative.

"He called and asked what we will be doing on Friday and I said I wanted to host a GNI since it was my turn. He asked what the heck was a GNI, I said a girls night in and he got quiet then asked if I was being serious."

Apparently, he then got angry with her for hosting an outdated event he called 'so 1950s' and 'flat out misogyny'.

She said: "I told him regardless I still plan to host the event after he tried talking me out of it and suggested we go out together. He threw a fit after he suggested bringing his guy friends to join us and I refused since this is not how GNIs work!

“He called me a sexist and misogynistic for having a girls night in and making it so obvious instead of being ashamed of myself.

“He said that my mentality will cause me issues in the future especially if I behave like that in a professional work setting."

The woman was shocked at his reaction and couldn't recover from his dramatic reaction.

She added: "We argued some more and he hung up on me after I said I will not stop hosting or being part of GNIs no matter what he says about it.

"I tried to call and apologise for lashing out later but he sent a text saying he was hurt by how I handled our small disagreement and needs time to process what he just found out about my personality."

The woman was upset and asked Reddit if she was in the wrong – and most told her to ditch the bloke immediately.

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One person said: “How is girls night sexist? No offence but you've said that you've only been dating a couple of months and he throws a tantrum over you not picking him over spending time with your friends.

“That's a red flag.”

Another wrote: “You can hang out with whoever you want to. The fact that you are second-guessing yourself for his horrendous behaviour shows that his manipulation tactics started working.

“Run away. This guy is trash. His argument has no logic."

While a third added: “Run run run run. If you’re only a few months in and he’s already being this controlling and manipulative?

“He’s trying to monopolize your time, if he can’t respect something innocuous like you wanting to have a night without him, just with your friends, that’s a huge red flag.”

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