Woman’s Christmas gift for her niece looks very rude but she insists it’s not

It's not unusual to be disappointed sometimes when opening presents on Christmas Day, but one particular woman will be shocked when she sees hers under the tree.

Although it's not always possible to tell what a wrapped gift may be, but one auntie has managed to make hers look very rude.

Taking to Facebook group Christmas Mums and Dads Australia, the lady shared a picture of her 21-year-old niece's X-rated looking present.

The item is wrapped in red, white and green paper and even comes complete with a "naughty or nice" label.

She asked fellow group members what they thought the phallic-shaped gift is, and some of the responses were hilarious.

Many joked that the present would make the recipient very happy, suggesting that it was a rather large sex toy.

One commenter replied with just the eggplant emoji (commonly used to represent a penis) and two eight balls.

Other people reminded the woman to include batteries with the gift while others said it could be "something with big feet" or a "magical lollipop".

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One man suggested it was "a very small upright vacuum cleaner?" while another joked: "Santa’s definitely ready to deliver."

Another person admitted she would be mortified if someone gave her a gift "wrapped to look like giant bits".

However, the aunt insisted the gift is actually a bottle of sweet herbal liqueur, vanilla Galliano, with two shot glasses.

The racy-shaped gift comes after one sexpert dished out some advice for people who are spending this Christmas alone.

Dr Emily Morse shared her top tips for those who are going solo this festive season.

She recommends solo love, digital detoxing and self reflection this Christmas.

Dr Morse says self-loving sessions can help you to combat loneliness.

Even though human touch isn’t available to some of us at the moment, it doesn’t mean sexual activity is off the cards.

Emily added: “Pleasure yourself. Because, obviously.”

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