Women are quitting their gym memberships because of sexual harassment

Have you ever been made to feel uncomfortable by unwanted advances, flirting or touching in the gym?

If so – you’re not alone. 71% of women are being harassed at the gym on a regular basis – according to a new study.

82% of women changed their gym routine because they were being followed around and 54% said they avoid certain areas in the gym because of harassment.

As well as being totally unacceptable and gross behaviour – harassment is also affecting women’s ability and desire to workout and achieve their fitness goals.

One in five women have actually cancelled their gym membership because of this very reason.

The study, conducted by FitRated, also found that more than 90% of women said they don’t appreciate being stared at while exercising, nearly as many don’t enjoy being flirted with and nearly 80% of women don’t enjoy being talked to while working out,.

So even if your intentions are admirable and you genuinely want to ask a woman out on a date – the gym is not the place to do it.

When faced with an uncomfortable situation, 88% of women ignored the attention, and almost 83% wore headphones.

More than two in three women also changed their facial expressions to be more off-putting or wore clothes that covered or hid their body shape.

Less than a quarter of women who had experienced harassment at the gym and reported the issue to staff members, nearly half chose to leave the scene, and 39% did nothing about the experience.

The figures are worrying when you take into account that 40% of women aged 16 and over are not getting enough exercise – so we definitely don’t need any extra deterrents.

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