Women show off their 'resting bitch face' in viral TikTok trend

I’m not angry… it’s just how I look! Women with ‘resting bitch face’ show off their naturally stern expressions in a viral TikTok trend

  • Sienna Mae Gomez, believed to be from the US, started the viral TikTok trend
  • Challenged women to show their smile, before revealing their resting bitch face 
  • Hundreds took to social media platform in a bid to showcase their best efforts

An amusing new viral TikTok trend has challenged women to show off their ‘resting bitch face’.  

Sienna Mae Gomez, believed to be from the US, initiated the trend after sharing a short clip on TikTok showing her flashing a grin to the camera, followed by a very stern look. 

She explained: ‘This is for all the girls with RBF (resting bitch face). First you smile, then you show your resting bitch face. Let’s see who has the worst one!’ 

Alongside the short clip, Sienna captioned the post: ‘I look so mean omg,,,, use this sound if urs is worse!!!!’ 

And it wasn’t long before others jumped in on the action – and if their efforts are anything to go by, we wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of these women!

Sienna Mae Gomez (pictured, left and right), believed to be from the US, challenged women to show off their ‘resting bitch face’

One woman shared her plausible efforts to TikTok and told how she really went from smiling to ‘resting bitch face’ in a matter of seconds

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This person, from an unknown location, shared her amusing efforts and penned: ‘I don’t see it but I’ve been told I look intimidating to walk up to’ 

TikTok user Isabella Gomez could be seen offering her followers a look at her ‘resting bitch face’ and best smile

Heidida Amelio also joined in on the trend and showed her ‘resting bitch face’ (pictured, left) alongside a big grin (right)

Actress Ivana Alawi’s post was inundated with likes from her social media followers after she joined in on the viral trend

Awuoi Matiop also jumped on the bandwagon and showed her very amusing efforts

TikTok user Alicia Breuer also took to the social media platform to join in the viral trend

Mia Shpirer was also keen to take up the challenge (pictured, left with ‘resting bitch face’ and right, smiling)

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