Wordle Saves Woman From Naked Kidnapper

The 80-year-old says her kidnapper broke in through a window and climbed into bed with her, armed with scissors and covered in blood

An elderly Illinois woman was saved from an armed and bloodied naked home invader — thanks to Wordle.

Denyse Holt was held at knife-point in her own home for 17 hours, and her family only became worried when the 80-year-old grandmother didn’t send her daughter the daily word puzzle, as she always did.

Holt, who lives alone, told CBS2 that she was lying in bed when a stranger broke in through a window and climbed into bed with her, armed with scissors and covered in blood from crawling through the broken glass.

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“I was in shock,” she told the broadcaster. “I was trying to survive that’s all. He said ‘I won’t harm you or molest you.'”

“I figured I could stay alive by not confronting him in any way, by making him in charge, by not disturbing him.”

Holt said the man then ordered her to take a shower with him, before telling her, “No, I’m not warm enough. We have to take a bath.”

With her nightgown soaked, she said he began dragging her around the home, disconnecting phones and leaving a trail of blood as he went.

“He took two knives from my kitchen,” she said. “He told me he liked those.”

He then forced her into a windowless bathroom basement and barricaded her in with a chair, where she remained for the next 17 hours.

“I didn’t think I was going to live,” the brave octogenarian said, adding that she did marching and stretching exercises to stay active.

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Holt’s family meanwhile, all the way across the country in Seattle, became worried when they realized their mom wasn’t reading her texts… and hadn’t sent a Wordle.

“I didn’t send my older daughter a Wordle in the morning,” Holt recalled. “And that was disconcerting to her.”

The family called Lincolnwood Police to perform a welfare check on Sunday night, which unfolded into an hours-long standoff.

The SWAT team eventually managed to subdue the intruder by shooting him with a stun gun through a hole that had been cut in an interior door.

They arrested 32-year-old James H. Davis III at the scene. He faces felony charges including home invasion with a dangerous weapon, aggravated kidnapping while armed with a dangerous weapon, and aggravated assault against a peace officer. Police believe he was suffering a mental health crisis.

Holt meanwhile escaped physically unharmed.

“I never thought in a million years this is what was happening,” her Wordle-playing daughter Meredith Holt-Caldwell said, “but it was.”

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