World’s most flirtatious animals pictured in hilarious online gallery

Do roo come here often? From a reclining kangaroo to a ‘winking’ tiger, hilarious gallery reveals the most flirtatious animal poses from around the world

  • Confident animals from around world pose for camera showing off their impressive hair and flirtatious looks
  • They include a tiger boldly ‘winking’ at a photographer and a rare white rhino in Africa blowing a kiss
  • Lion cub in Masai Mara, Kenya, sits with one paw under its chin and a tiger boldly winks at a photographer
  • Other cheeky creatures include a white Beluga whale who blows a beautiful heart-shaped bubble in China 

These confident animals are certainly not afraid of showing off their ‘good side’ and striking their best poses for the camera in this hilarious gallery.   

From a tiger boldly ‘winking’ at a photographer to a rare white rhino in Africa seemingly blowing a kiss, all the creatures great and smaller are determined to pull out their best come-hither looks.

Also pictured is a gorilla who lives in Prague with a charming smile and a beautiful lion cub in Masai Mara, Kenya, seductively resting a large paw under its chin while the camera snaps her picture.     

The cheeky selection of images also features an Australian koalas smooth pose in a tree, a captivating squirrel from California and another squirrel that looks like it has a sixpack in Hertfordshire.

And it’s not just the land animals who share their flirtatious looks, a white Beluga whale is seen sweetly blowing a beautiful heart-shaped bubble to visitors at Harbin Polarland in Harbin, China and a seal laughs in another shot.

Others in the gallery boast impressive hairdos, for example a lion is seen feeling the wind through its mane and a horse from Mongolia with amazing hair which parts perfectly across its face.

A Western Lowland gorilla struts his stuff in his enclosure at the Detroit Zoo – cheekily poking out his tongue as he walks

A koala seductively poses in a tree by holding onto one branch and looking at the camera in Queensland, Australia in February

A self-assured tiger winks at the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, in India and shows off his big teeth and tongue in a photo shoot 

This kangaroo shows off its long legs and relaxed attitude while lying outside a restroom in Perth Australia in December 2017

This playful white Beluga whale blows a beautiful heart-shaped bubble to visitors at Harbin Polarland in Harbin, China

Richard the photogenic Gorilla at Prague Zoo grins his charming smile while giving a bit of side eye to visitors at his enclosure

A beautiful brown-eyed lion cub in Masai Mara, Kenya, rests one paw under her chin while sitting on the grass in 2017

A horse with amazing blonde hair elegantly gallops through the long grass in Mongolia while other horses try to keep up 

A wide-eyed squirrel looks confidently down a camera lens while tenderly clutching a nut in a garden in California

Breezy: This lion closes his eyes and enjoys feeling the wind blowing through his mane at the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, near Krugersdorp in South Africa

A speckled seal laughs and poses with a wave in the North Sea as he gets his picture taken in this hilarious shot

The black squirrel holds its hands together while showing off its sixpack, in a garden in Hertfordshire, England

This beluga whale appears from the water to show off its abs to the females, trying to impress them in Cunningham River, Somerset Island, Canada

A startled-looking ostrich with amazing hair isn’t afraid to confront the camera as it has its picture taken in South Africa

This rare white rhino puckers up its lips like a model on the catwalk near Kruger National Park in South Africa

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