World’s stingiest girlfriend owns just 1 lightbulb and cooks meals in dishwasher

A woman has taken frugality to the extreme when it comes to saving money, including only using one lightbulb for the entire house.

Stephanie Bennett, who works at a doctor's office, has money-saving tactics that include cooking lasagne in a dishwasher and limiting her boyfriend's shower to two minutes every day.

In one episode of TLC's Extreme Cheapskates, she claims she saves more than $60 (£44) a month on her electricity bill by using just one lightbulb as she moves from room to room.

Boyfriend Patrick Robinson appears on the show and explains: "Stephanie actually has a lot of money saved up, she doesn't want to spend anything. It's just ridiculous."

Stephanie introduces the so-called "navy showers", meaning there is a strict two-minute timer when taking a shower.

She explains: "You go in, turn the water on and rinse your body.

"Turn the water off and lather your body down to make sure you get every area so you don't miss anything, because you can't come back to it.

"Turn it back on and rinse the soap off your body."

Patrick admits that two minutes is not long enough to wash his whole body.

Stephanie also carries a baby monitor when she is doing her chores and yells at Patrick when the shower timer is up.

Another way to save money on the water bill is to cook food with "reusable" boiling water.

The mum-of-two boils spaghetti from a pot of milky, chunky water and keeps it for the next time.

She also salvages the left-over food and sauce by scooping them up and putting it back into the jar.

Stephanie cooks lasagne inside a dishwasher along with other dirty trays.

"To save money, I multi-task with washing dishes and cooking meals with my dishwasher," she adds. "I just have to make sure I wrap this really well, or else the food will get wet."

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