YEENJOY STUDIO Transforms Minions Into Objects of Art for New Porcelain Collaboration

The Minions have returned for a new collaboration with YEENJOY STUDIO, an artist-led brand that transforms pop culture into porcelain incense burners. Inspired by the scenes of Chinatown in the latest movie of the Minions franchise, YEENJOY STUDIO fused motifs from Chinese culture with iconography from the popular movie in its designs. The result is a collection that includes a Minion-shaped incense burner and a ring holder dish molded like Gru’s face.

Minions are famous for their rebellious mischief, and this partnership with YEENJOY STUDIO balances that energy by bringing a sense of tranquility to living spaces. The incense burner captures a stylized Bob the Minion in a still, smiling pose with his hands locked in a salute that’s practiced in Tai Chi. YEENJOY STUDIO’s signature blue glaze highlights the intricate details of the Chinese outfit worn on Bob and the book at the sculptural piece’s base.

The second piece is a clever twist on the 3D facial features of Gru, whose nose is stretched into a functional structure for organizing jewelry or other accessories. Since YEENJOY STUDIO uses traditional techniques dating back to the Eastern Han Dynasty to shape its porcelain, it was a unique challenge to turn computer-animated characters into physical objects. YEENJOY STUDIO also collaborated with Illumination on the design process to accurately represent these characters. These limited-edition pieces are housed in bespoke wooden boxes to celebrate this and show the craftsmanship behind the collaboration.

A follow up to the franchise’s collection with Verdy, The Minions x YEENJOY STUDIO collection is the second release in a series of collaborations that combine the world of Minions with streetwear. It will be released in extremely limited quantities on Friday, November 20, exclusively through HBX.
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