Your Cancer Monthly Horoscope for November

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Hello my sensitive crustaceans! November is quite the month for you, so it’s super important for you to listen up. The month begins with the New Moon in Scorpio on November 4, centered in your fifth house of self-expression, creativity, and fertility. New Moons signal a fresh start, and this one in particular will pack quite a transformative punch. While some Cancers will focus on the fertility aspect, others will birth fabulous new projects, creative ideas, and romances! New investments like a mortgage or changes in finances are also hot topics. Change is good, and it’s happening now in order to create space to receive the new.

On November 5, communication planet Mercury moves into Scorpio, joining the Sun and Mars and forming what Astrologers call a stellium. A stella-who? Yes I know, it sounds complicated, but this is essentially when there are three or more (some astrologers say four) planets within one sign. When this planetary alignment occurs, it amplifies the energy of this sign. Prepare for the reveal of hidden and transformative communication surrounding the fifth house energy I mentioned earlier. You can also feel an improvement and sense of healing in your relationships, especially in relation to career agreement. On the same day, Venus, the ruler of finances, love, and beauty, moves into the structured and serious earth sign of Capricorn. It will also form an aspect Chiron Retrograde in Aries in your career sector, encouraging you to take charge and become the leader you were meant to be.

Eclipse season begins mid-month and this is extremely important for you, Cancer babe. This time of year is always powerful for your sign because the Moon is your planetary ruler. Eclipses are major and can indicate life changes for you over the next six months. On November 19, there is a powerful Taurus lunar eclipse influencing your future dreams, creative ideas, the internet, and your network. You could begin working on a visible and important project, or receive the financial support you need to help your future visions become a reality. Expect opportunities to pop up from the interwebs, so be open to the possibilities, my love!

As the month concludes, Sagittarius season officially on begins November 21 as the Sun moves into the sign of optimism, growth and expansion. This concentrates energy in the area of your health, wellness, and daily work routine. Expect to see more work responsibilities, and your priorities can shift towards your health at this time. This growth is all the result of the new ideas, agreements, and changes you experienced during Scorpio season.

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