You’ve been thawing your turkey wrong – simple trick sees it defrost in hours

A lot of pressure comes with cooking the Christmas turkey.

Everyone hopes their festive feast will match up to the likes of Nigella's delights, but it's not always easy to get it right.

To help us out one TikTok user revealed how to ensure you at least defrost the turkey effectively.

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The science teacher showed that people are likely to have been thawing turkeys wrong for years, as it can actually be done in less than a day.

Jason Latimer said there's a defrosting tip that can see budding chefs save a lot of time ahead of the big day.

According to The Sun US, he said in a video on TikTok: "Now a 20lbs turkey in a refrigerator could take three and a half to four and half days [to thaw].

"I’m going to show you how to do it in a handful of hours.

"The secret is to put it in ice water."

Jason claimed water is "far more efficient at transferring heat than air", and said as long as you ensure the water is near 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the process is pretty fool-proof.

The clever teacher said it will probably take around half an hour to defrost each pound of meat, so a 20lbs turkey should thaw out in around 10 hours.

To prove his method works he showed a side-by-side comparison of his hack compared with a turkey that had been left in the fridge to defrost.

He added: "After the same amount of time, this 20lbs frozen turkey that was in the refrigerator was still frozen while the one that was in water?

"Thawed and ready to go."

But if you know how to get your bird in top shape for cooking, there are plenty of tips online as to how you can cook your turkey to perfection.

One person said the first step is to soak it in well-seasoned water the night before, and advised the best thing to do is cook it in a bag.

The TikTok cook said: "Bake your turkey breast down and in the final 45 minutes, you’re gonna turn it over [and] open up the bag so that way that [skin] on the breast will get nice and brown ‘cause we want our bird to have a tan."

She also said the key to succulent meat is letting the bird rest for 45 minutes after it comes out of the oven.


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