Aberdeen: Derek McInnes sees ‘common sense’ in crowning Celtic champions

There is “a lot of common sense” in crowning Celtic as Scottish Premiership champions if the season cannot finish, says Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes.

The SPFL is yet to decide the fate of the current campaign, which is on hold indefinitely.

McInnes, whose side are fourth in the Scottish Premiership, says the league body faces “tough decisions”.

“If there’s a way this can be finished, we need to not give up on that too soon,” he told BBC Scotland.

“But we’re all realistic enough to know that it’s becoming less and less likely.

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“The likelihood is Celtic would go on and win the league so maybe that decision – if we can’t get the league finished – might be easier to deal with, unless you’re a Rangers supporter, and I see a lot of common sense in that.”

Hearts owner Ann Budge has said her club, currently bottom of the top flight, will take legal advice if they are relegated because of an early finish to the season, believing there to be a “number of areas” to contest.

Budge has mooted the idea of league reconstruction, where the top flight would expand from 12 teams to 14, taking in the top two in the Championship.

But Uefa sent a letter to national associations warning European places could be under threat if leagues are called early.

“The Uefa statement doesn’t help, trying to apply pressure,” McInnes added. “The self-interest there is clear.

“I don’t think any federation should be penalised for doing what’s fair and right for their country, including ours.”

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