Alabama LB Dylan Moses says weirdest ‘Roll Tide’ moment took place in a bathroom

"Roll Tide" is the famous catch phrase for the Alabama Crimson Tide and its fans. People use it after Bama scores, as a greeting, as a sign-off at the end of an interview and even at sporting events that don't have anything to do with Alabama.

And for Crimson Tide linebacker Dylan Moses, it's apparently used in the bathroom, as well.

At Saturday's media day for the College Football Playoff national championship game, ESPN's Gary Striewski asked Moses the strangest place he's ever heard, "Roll Tide." 

"In the restroom — that was probably the weirdest place," Moses said. "Like, you're on the toilet, and the next thing you know, someone says, 'Roll Tide.' Like, what? … I was washing my hands and then someone from the stalls said, 'Roll Tide.' "

So how did Moses react?

"I said it back, but then I hurried out of the restroom," he said. "It was funny, man. That was probably the funniest moment ever."

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