Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy kicked out of Super Bowl media night

Leave it to Barstool Sports to stir up some controversy at an NFL event.

Barstool founder Dave Portnoy was escorted out of the Super Bowl’s Opening Night, the new version of Media Day, after sneaking into the event and ruffling some feathers during the players’ media sessions.

Popular Barstool personality PFT Commenter, whose real name is Eric Sollenberger, was also kicked out.

Videos of both men being removed from State Farm Arena by security guards made the rounds on social media Monday night. Other sports media personalities, including CBS’ Jamie Erdahl, corroborated the news.

Sollenberger told TMZ he was arrested for criminal trespassing, even claiming the FBI was brought in to question him. In a video on Twitter, Portnoy said he was also charged with criminal trespassing but wasn’t arrested.

Before they were removed, both bloggers were able to fire off some questions. Portnoy, an outspoken Patriots fan, called Rams defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh “one of the dirtiest players in the NFL” and warned him not to injure Tom Brady. He also confronted Rams running back Todd Gurley for taking a knee instead of scoring a touchdown at the end of the Rams’ October win against the Packers, claiming the decision lost him $40,000 in bets.

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Sollenberger, who hosts the popular Barstool podcast “Pardon My Take,” claimed to have a question for Patriots star Rob Gronkowski from a “first grader named Allison” who wondered why the tight end thought the number 69 was so funny. (Gronk responded with a 69-related brain teaser.) He also got Gurley to utter the words “I s–t in my house, too” after a discussion about cats.

Barstool has been banned from all NFL events since 2015, when Portnoy and three other employees were arrested at the NFL’s headquarters for staging a protest over Roger Goodell’s handling of the Deflategate scandal. Later, Portnoy printed 70,000 towels that showed Goodell’s face with a red clown nose.

It appears both men created fake credentials to get into the Super Bowl’s media night. Portnoy tweeted a picture of his, a fake NFL Media employee named “Frannie Lydon,” AKA Portnoy with a fake mustache and a hat that says “I <3 Goodell.” found a disguised Portnoy for a video interview before he was kicked out of the event. In the interview, Portnoy admitted he had to sneak in “incognito,” although his mustache had nearly fallen all the way off his face.

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