‘Burnt out’ Gerwyn Price takes fresh swipe at Premier League darts format

Gerwyn Price aimed a fresh dig at the format of Premier League darts after being left "gutted" by his early exit from the Dutch Championship.

The Iceman lost a 6-5 to veteran Mervyn King in the second round as his difficult 2022 continued in Zwolle. Price endured a disappointing Premier League campaign, which saw him miss a week with a hand injury and eventually finish second-bottom of the table following the final night of the regular season in Newcastle on Thursday.

Following his defeat to King, who meets Chris Dobey in the third round on Sunday afternoon, the former world champion took to social media. He couldn’t conceal his disappointment, and how much the Premier League taken out of him this season.

He posted on Instagram. “Gutted the way I’m playing atm… well and truly burnt out. Premier League format has drained the living daylight out of me, I won’t give up tho, I’m a fighter, thanks all for the kind messages, next stop New York [for the US Darts Masters, which starts on June 3].”

The Premier League format has undergone a revamp this season, with each week containing a mini tournament, meaning players could have up to three matches in an evening. The play-off format remains the same though, with the finale taking place in Berlin on June 13.

Price criticised the new format only last month, branding it “unfair” and calling for a return to the previous system of players playing one game per night.

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“I’m not a fan of it,” he said. “To play three games in a night, plus going and playing in Pro Tours… It’s not just about that night, it’s everything that goes with it as well, it’s a little bit too much.

“And if you’re going to do that format, it needs to be a little bit more fair. I think out of the 16 weeks, I’m only on Peter’s [Wright] side of the draw twice, I’m on Michael’s [van Gerwen] side of the draw eight/nine times. I wouldn’t be fair if someone was on Peter’s side of the draw 10/11 times. If it is going to be that format, it needs to be more equal. And if people miss weeks, like I did with injury, you can’t catch up, you just lose points. So I think they should just go back to the old format, one game a night.”

The former rugby player added: “In Premier League football or rugby, you wouldn’t see teams having three games in one night. It is too many tournaments. I’m going to miss a lot of ranking events.”

Price has had some successes in the Premier League this season and won the night in Sheffield earlier this month.

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