Casey Stoney calls out Mark Zuckerberg after Lauren James is racially abused once again on Instagram

CASEY STONEY has called out Instagram owner Mark Zuckerberg for not doing enough after Lauren James was racially abused once again on his platform.

James, 19, suffered the horrific abuse when she put up a picture of her hugging her little sister on Insta last week.

This led to a troll leaving monkey emojis underneath the pic which infuriated Stoney.

The mortified Manchester United boss responded today, and chose to directly address Zuckerberg, questioning his character and values in the process.

She wrote on her Instagram story: " @Instagram, is this what you think is acceptable.

" @Zuck are these the values and behaviours you align with?"

This isn't the first time Stoney has pleaded with social media bosses to take action against online trolls who have abused James.

The teen ace had been subjected to identical comments just a few months ago and begged owners to "wake up" to the racist threats taking place online.

At the time, Stoney said: "I just genuinely cannot understand how we can abuse a 19-year-old because of the colour of their skin.

"Just because they are known because they play football and have a profile, we go after them.

“It’s disgusting, it’s utterly disgusting. I think the government and powers that be need to do so much more to govern these social media platforms. 

“And we need to stand up, speak up and make it unacceptable that this happens."

But despite Stoney, James' and many other's pleas, racial abuse is still rife on social media.

It is also prevalent in the men's game, which led to Arsenal legend Thierry Henry to announce his hiatus from all online platforms until something was done.

Now, English football has followed suit and all clubs will be taking part in a social media blackout starting on Friday April 30, till Monday May 3.

During the boycott will not use their social media accounts, in a show of solidarity with the hope that online bosses like Zuckerberg will start taking the abuse seriously.

Footy magazine Shekicks have also reported that WSL sides will be joining the boycott this weekend.

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