Castleford's Liam Watts uses time out to perfect estate agent career – and kicking

LIAM Watts is ready to kick-start his careers both on and off the field after using life in lockdown wisely.

The Castleford star has used the extra time on his hands to do more training and gain more expertise in being an estate agent after setting up business.

And the prop has also showed off his skills with the boot by slotting over goals – he is more than happy to have a go in a game.

Watts established W8tts Properties – part of the Easy Property chain – and has already arranged viewings now Government restrictions on them have been eased.

He has also been doing a lot of learning, speaking to people further up the chain about becoming better away from rugby league.

“I’ve been doing a lot of webinars over Zoom and calls with one of the main directors of Easy Property,” said Watts, who has the franchise to sell properties in and around the West Yorkshire town.

“He’s been giving me a few pointers and giving a bit of direction. I’ve also had quite a few calls with Rightmove.

“The company is set up in my name and we have the licence to sell properties in the Castleford area – it costs us £420 a month but because of what’s been going on, it’s been halved.

“Now the market is moving again, we’re trying to get as many viewings lined up as we can – already there are 13 happening.

“That’s five on one day, five on another than three on another, they all came within a week or 10 days but we still have to be vigilant.”

While Watts may be aiming to improve away from rugby, he has also showed he has developed his skills with the ball.

The sight of him booting goals from all angles may seem a world away from his normal role of steamrollering opponents.

But if coach Daryl Powell needs him, he is up for the challenge – as he showed in a solo training session when he slotted one from 50 metres.

And whatever happens, he will be better than team-mate Jesse Sene-Lefao.

“We’ve been having a laugh between the lads,” Watts added. “Oliver Holmes, Danny Richardson and I have had a bit of a contest, doing one from halfway and one from the touchline.

“I put it over and said on a group chat, ‘We don’t need Danny,’ and I’m there if needed, even though I am probably about 10th in line!

“Daniel Smith is a pretty good kicker but I’ll tell you who is terrible – Jesse Sene-Lefao!”

Castleford's isolation training is set to go up a notch as players can do 'contact' sessions, albeit with a tackle bag.

Watts, 29, admits it will mean more eyebrow-raising social media videos in the coming days.

But he is adamant contact training is needed as returning to rugby league without it is a recipe for injury.

He said: “We need to build it up. We’ve gone a couple of months without having any, so we’d need to get our bodies ready.

“If we’re expected to play straight away, and there will be three games a week, people are going to get injured. That’s what those in power have to be mindful of.”

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