Cheeky Hearts fan interrupts Italian TV to flash underside of her BOOB

Cheeky female football fan interrupts Italian TV live coverage to flash the underside of her BREAST, revealing a tattoo of her beloved club Hearts – giving the presenter an almighty scare in hilarious TV blunder

  • Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri was interrupted on live TV by wild Hearts fan 
  • She proceeded to show him her tattoo commemorating 5-1 win over Hibernian 
  • Luckily, the incident proved less X-rated than the Italian transfer reporter feared 

An Italian journalist was caught off guard by a wild Hearts fan, who approached him during a live broadcast and proceeded to show him her tattoo underneath her breast.

Tancredi Palmeri was broadcasting about the transfer window on Italian TV channel SportItalia, when two Scottish football fans approached.

He posted footage of the incident to Twitter, showcasing the hilarious moment when he thought it was going to get X-rated – and getting away with it.

Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri was interrupted on TV in Milan by wild Hearts fan Natasha

Following their 3-0 win over Edinburgh rivals Hibernian last weekend, Natasha showed off her tattoo to Palmeri on live TV – and now the video is spreading on social media too. 

Palmeri captioned his post: ‘When a blondie heavy Hearts of Midlothian fan storms into your transfer window live hit and wants to show to whole Italy her pride against Hibernians from the bottom of her heart. I’d say from the bottom of her boobs.’ 

While in Milan, Natasha asked the stunned presenter: ‘Do you know Heart of Midlothian?’, which he replied to with ‘Yes, we do’. She proceeded to open her top to show him the tattoo. 

The ink read ‘5-1′, in honour of Hearts’ win over their city rivals in the 2012 Scottish Cup final. Her boyfriend – a Hibs fan – was less than pleased with being reminded of the defeat.  

The tattoo reads ‘5-1′, in honour of Hearts’ winning score in the Scottish Cup Final in 2012

Palmeri was shocked into thinking the piece would quickly become X-rated, and tried to cover up the reveal, although as it happens, the tattoo was easy to see without it being distasteful to TV audiences.

She later admitted ‘My boobs are real!’

The pair Natasha herself wrote that she only went across because she ‘heard the boy outside talking about Edinburgh so ran over and this was it’. 

She added they went for a drink together, laughed about the incident, laughed off the crazy incident, posing together for a picture which he shared later on Twitter. 

Palmeri previously got into trouble with Australian fans at the 2022 World Cup, by claiming that they were ‘too quiet’ during their victory over Denmark.   

The two shared a drink together after the wild incident, which has gone viral on social media

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