Chris Eubank, 54, doesn't need Mike Tyson-style comeback – because he is studying dinosaurs & Shakespeare in retirement

LEGENDARY former boxer Chris Eubank insists he doesn’t need a Mike Tyson-style comeback fight – because he is studying dinosaurs and William Shakespeare!

Eubank, 54, is the same age as American great Tyson – who is returning to the ring against Roy Jones Jr later this month in Los Angeles.

Tyson has worked himself into tip-top shape for the charity exhibition at the Staples Centre.

And he believes he has unfinished business after suffering three losses in his final four fights as a professional.

Meanwhile, fellow fighter Eubank was tipped to return for a final bout against long-time foe Nigel Benn in 2018.

But he claims he had no reason to resurrect the past as he had nothing to prove.

Eubank told Daily Star Sport: “I’ve been doing a lot of studying.

“When things go back to the normal way of being, I’ll have one or two topics to talk about.

“I’ve been studying dinosaurs. Deinos means fearfully-great and sauros means lizard. So it’s fearfully-great lizards.

“Also, I’ve been studying some Shakespeare. And how wonderful that is!

“It’s really something. My favourite is a piece about Othello.

“[Benn?] I think that was a lot of Chinese whispers. I can’t give any credibility to hearsay.

“I don’t think I need to go back and prove anything. I did my winning, I did my losing, I took my beating!

“And I think I acquitted myself like a gentleman. So I don’t have any more reasons to go back.”

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