Comedian Bill Burr destroys Colin Cowherd for his Baker Mayfield takes

Comedian Bill Burr can consider himself an honorary Oklahoma Sooner after his appearance on FS1’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

Now, anyone who is familiar with Cowherd knows that he often forms an opinion about a young player for doing some irrelevant thing – see: John Wall dancing – and stubbornly refuses to back down from said opinion over the course of that player’s entire career.

Baker Mayfield was that latest target for Cowherd. The FS1 host didn’t like Mayfield’s arrest in college. He didn’t like the obscene gestures to the Kansas sideline. Then, Mayfield joined The Herd and challenged Cowherd when he claimed that a single touchdown celebration was indicative of Mayfield’s selfishness.

So, what did Burr do? He made every Mayfield supporter happy and let the FS1 personality hear about it.

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