Crazy scenes see 400 fans invade pitch during illegal football match

Crazy scenes see 400 fans launch pitch invasion during ‘illegal’ football match under lockdown in France as authorities slam those attending game branded as a potential ‘virus bomb’

  • Authorities were left stunned at ‘illegal’ football match in Strasbourg
  • The eastern France region has a mass gathering ban of more than 10 people 
  • Invasion took place in a local game between Neuhof and Hautepierre
  • Crowd sprawled onto the pitch in celebration after a goal was scored 
  • Police were left overpowered trying to prevent the game taking place
  • Furious officials have vowed to investigate the incident from Sunday 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Authorities in France were left stunned after up to 400 fans broke lockdown rules in the country to attend a local football match which led to a huge pitch invasion.  

The game which took place in Strasbourg in the eastern region of the country on Sunday comes with the area under strict lockdown rules in the wake of the coronavirus, with bans on mass gatherings of over 10 people.

It appears the pitch invasion came after a goal was scored in the game involving Neuhof and Hautepierre in the Bas-Rhin region of the country.

Around 400 supporters led a pitch invasion in an illegal football match on Sunday to celebrate a goal scored during the local encounter

Footage shows how those who attended the game clearly flout any social distancing rules in place as fans appeared to mutually celebrate the goal wildly. 

Professor Gilbert Deray, a virologist who works at the Paris hospital la Pitie-Salpetriere, expressed his dismay, calling the incident a potential ‘virus bomb’. 

Although police were in attendance to try and break up the gathering, they were simply overpowered by the sheer numbers of supporters. 

Ahead of the game goal frames at various stadiums in the area had been removed at request of local authorities, but those at the Paco-Mateo stadium were not for unexplained reasons.

The match was played between local sides Neuhof and Hautepierre in the Bas-Rhin region

The match has led to fury among local officials, and authorities have vowed to look into the incident and punish those involved.

Serge Oehler, the elected official in charge of sports in Strasbourg, said in a Facebook post: ‘What took place this weekend is irresponsible and serious beyond measure. It is up to us as elected officials to firmly condemn and to act.

‘If after viewing it turns out that club supervisors participated in this, there will obviously be a proportionate response.

Locals look on following the pitch invasion which will be investigated by local authorities

‘A few days earlier, having noted the closure of the parks and gardens, I had alerted them to their necessary reopening, but that cannot excuse this endangerment of the lives of others. Foolishness and irresponsibility can lead to a disastrous health situation on our territory.

‘Our region and the medical staff do not need it. I ask the people of Strasbourg to show responsibility. A few days ago I sent a letter to the clubs asking them to ensure that the non-use of sports equipment is respected and we had the goals and the nets removed where possible.

‘COVID-19 is not a point of view, it is a poison, let’s not add stupidity to this death that strikes blindly.’

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