Dennis Rodman’s amazing tattoos include a woman eating her own privates, two giant angry bulls, and various tribal ink – The Sun

THANKS to 'The Last Dance' we've been reminded of the wondrous achievements of the Chicago Bulls in the mid-90s.

Part of that successful NBA team was friend of North Korean dictator Kim Jong un – Dennis Rodman, who has lived a life as colourful as his infamous hairstyles.


The 59-year-old basketball legend, who was married to Baywatch beauty Carmen Electra for nine days, also has a penchant for incredible tattoos.

The most famous can be found on his back, and features a woman trying to eat her own vagina.


A renowned hellraiser and notorious ladies' man, Rodman has never been shy to talk about his sexcapades.

But it's a naughty, somewhat disturbing tattoo on his back that certainly deserves all the attention.

Etched onto his skin is the outline of a naked woman in knee-high boots pulling on the skin of her privates with her teeth.

It definitely wins the award for most outrageous tattoo we've ever seen on a sports star.

We're not sure what influenced it, but shock factor and his love of the opposite sex would be an educated guess.


His association with the Chicago Bulls prompted these clashing bulls.

Rodman has the warring beasts on either side of his chest, snarling at one another as they come face-to-face.

They also represent the former power forward's style of play – aggressive and combative and not afraid of anyone.


There's something tribal about many of Rodman's inkings.

Especially when you look at his abdomen, where he has a number of distinctive tattoos and designs.

There's also a cross with stars surrounding his belly button.

While on Rodman's shoulders and neck there are more tribal tattoos.

Just in case he forgets his last name, he has that etched across the top of his neck in big, bold writing.


Rodman's body is hardly a blank canvas.

He also has various tattoos on his arms, including an outsized sun with a shark bursting through the middle, a red dice, another tribal design, and a motorcycle on his left.

On his right arm, you'll see another small cross, a giant squid, and a fetching she-devil holding a pitchfork.


With not many parts of his body left to tattoo, Rodman moved onto his hands, which are covered in small tats.

Again, there's another dice – which can be explained with his love of playing Craps in Las Vegas.

Then there is the word 'Infinity', as well as a large eye, as well as a star.

After all, Rodman is one.

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