Dickhead Soccer Fans Wrench Player's Jersey From The Hands Of Sobbing Little Boy

A soccer-loving Brazilian tyke learned first-hand the true, asshole-y nature of the sport’s grown fans this weekend when, at the conclusion of a match between Atlético Mineiro and América, the boy was delighted to find himself in possession of Atlético youngster Alerrandro’s game-worn jersey only to have it cruelly ripped from his hands by a couple heartless adults, bringing the poor kid to tears:


Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte says a reporter of theirs notified Alerrando of the incident soon after it happened, which inspired Alerrando to petition the internet to find the kid so that he could make things right. Globo also says the boy has since been identified and the information passed on to Alerrando. A nice gesture, certainly, but one that’s too late to shield the boy from a truth he’ll never be able to forget: soccer fans are awful.

[Globo Esporte]

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