Does Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri smoke, and is smoking allowed on Premier League touchlines?

But fans have been perplexed to see the Italian appearing to smoke on the touchline. Is all as it seems?

Does Maurizio Sarri smoke?

Maurizio Sarri is indeed a chain smoker.

The Italian was known for regularly lighting up on the touchline during his time at Napoli.

Is smoking allowed on the touchline?

All Premier League stadiums are non-smoking venues, so Sarri is not allowed to light up on the Stamford Bridge touchline.

But SunSport reported in July that Chelsea are looking to install an area where their manager can enjoy a cigarette during games.

What does Maurizio Sarri put in his mouth during games?

Some suggested that Sarri uses an e-cig at matches, while others argued that he chews nicotine gum.

But according to an insider from Italy, Sarri – whose favourite brand of cigarette is Merit – puts a filter to his mouth to combat his habit.

He said: "Sarri is a big cigarette smoker. Maurizio cannot smoke in the field and for this he places between his lips a filter of a cigarette during the ninety minutes of game play."

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