Evander Holyfield gets hands wrapped before training as 57-year-old boxing legend prepares for stunning ring return

EVANDER HOLYFIELD looks lean and mean as he gets his hands wrapped for training ahead of a stunning comeback.

The 57-year-old former heavyweight champ shared a clip prior to working out with his 391,000 Instagram followers.

These days the Real Deal looks more like the cruiserweight king of old than a beefed up heavyweight.

Swimming and shadow boxing underwater – like Muhammad Ali was famed for – have contributed to his ripped physique.

Punishing kettlebell workouts, core training, sled pushes and even arm wrestling with Wladimir Klitschko have also made a big difference.

But there are concerns about a man nearing pension age returning to the ring.

Leaked footage that showed a slow and weary Holyfield had fans fearing for his safety and ability to defend himself against a barrage of punches.

Commenting on the video, one fan said: "He looks slow and stiff, especially compared to the recent clips of Tyson. Holyfield is going to get worked over if they do fight."

Another wrote: "Holyfield’s always in shape but he’s too punch drunk to compete again. Bad idea."

Holyfield is ploughing on with training though as the fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr draws near.

Tyson, 54, and Jones Jr, 51, will get it on in the ring in California on November 28.

And the latter has claimed he is so desperate to take on the Baddest Man on the Planet that he will do so even if his rival fails an anti-doping test.

Speaking on the RJJ Boxing show on UFC Fight Pass, he said: “There is testing. They came and tested me last week, and they tested Mike last week.

“It would concern you if you were concerned about having advantages. But for me, I’m the kind of guy, I’m old school, you know what I mean?

“I hope you pass the test, but when I turn my attention to you, I want you, I don’t give a damn what you got, I want you.

When I see you like that, I want you, I don’t care who it is.

“I hope he passes the test, because without the test we can’t fight, but even if he didn’t pass the test, Roy would still fight.”

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