Ex-Chelsea keeper Begovic reveals he is trying to force Bournemouth transfer exit after being dropped by Howe – The Sun

ASMIR BEGOVIC is desperate to quite Bournemouth for first-team football.

Cherries boss Eddie Howe has preferred England Under-21s ace Aaron Ramsdale this season.

And now Begovic, 32, has revealed he is pushing to leave before the European transfer deadline on September 2.

He told The Athletic: “My current situation is not ideal. I’m not involved in the first team. I’m not in the plans at the moment.

"I’m not playing games and I have always played games throughout my whole career so of course, I’m trying to find a solution but there are many different sides to it.

“First, you have to find the right option and the right option has to fit financially for the club.

"I’m still under contract for another three years, so it’s such a tricky situation to find a solution for everyone, so that’s why I haven’t gone anywhere.

“I’m trying to find the right solution for everybody and hopefully in the next days, until the end of the transfer window, we will find a solution for me to go and play games. I feel physically as fit as ever.“

Begovic also spoke about the hostile atmosphere at football matches – which has led him to keep his kids away.

He added: “At most sporting events, 50,000 people aren’t calling the referee a fucking w****r.

“I find football atmospheres vile. I don’t take my kids to game. I don’t go to games myself unless I have a friend to watch or support but even then, I don’t sit with fans.

“I have two kids. The language that people use, the abuse that people give; they went to one match and my daughter was asking questions like, ‘Daddy, why is this guy calling you names?’.

"They hear it when they get to an age, and I thought, ‘No. I’m not doing this any more.”

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