Ezekiel Elliott’s Instagram post has fans concerned about his weight

We're well into the NFL offseason with training camp still around three months away. Aside from offseason workouts, players can use this time to enjoy themselves and prepare for the next season. Basically, they don't need to be in football shape.

But this is also the NFL, and NFL fans love to overreact about everything.

That would include an unflattering Instagram photo from Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott on Sunday.

Elliott shared a photo from "Von Miller Day" in DeSoto, Texas, and at least in that picture, it looked like the Cowboys running back had put on some weight. It shouldn't be a huge deal, but Elliott's weight has been a concern in the past. This latest photo didn't help his cause.


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As long as Elliott reports to camp at the weight the Cowboys want him at, there shouldn't be much of a concern. He's a professional athlete, after all. But who are we to expect a rational reaction from NFL Twitter? It went something like this:

Zeke Elliot. Actually fat pic.twitter.com/VFB4mVUewu

Zeke is looking…a little fat this offseason, Cowboys fans. Should we be concerned? https://t.co/Umagx7eg3l

Aw man I just saw a pic of my guy 21 savage (Zeke Elliot) and he got fat ass hell ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️ I hope he get back in shape by training camp #CowboysNation ?⚪️⭐️?✨?

Zeke has been eating good this offseason pic.twitter.com/MZ5GOpERiF

Dawg Zeke gets huge when he's not in football shape https://t.co/gbRTw85XDV

But let's not make sweeping judgements off one photo.

A day my son will never forget‼️
Thanks @EzekielElliott#VonMillerDay19pic.twitter.com/whERr6231D

Angles make a huge difference.


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