Fans beg WWE to reconsider with company set to revert back to old 'eight-hour show' WrestleMania plans next year

FANS are begging the WWE to reconsider reverting back to a single seven-eight hour show for WrestleMania 38 next year.

Because of the pandemic, the last two editions of the popular event have been spread over two separate nights, rather than all in one go.

The changes appeared to go down well with many fans, as they were able to split up watching the 14 matches into two sittings.

Amid plans for the WWE to revert back to its old format, fans online have cried out for that not to be the case.

One wrote: "Nobody wants to see 7 hours boring show again. This year's mania best since WM 31. 31 last non seven hours WM."

And another added: "Ffs we’re back to 6-7 hour shows…"

A third commented: "2 nights is the way to go. I’m sorry."

And a fourth opined: "If they want to do just one night for next year, then it has to be 7-10 matches. Nothing more. We don’t need another 12 hour show."

A fifth warned: "Nah 2 nights is better 8 hours n everyone well be dead asleep."

Former two-division UFC champion and legendary wrestler Daniel Cormier had his say on his podcast DC and Helwani.


He said: "I liked it better (as a two-night event). I went one time and it was like six hours, it was too long.

"Little Daniel (Cormier's son) was exhausted, he didn't want to be there anymore, too long. I like the breakdown of two nights.

"Here's the issue, when you have a two-night WrestleMania, but then you also have a Smackdown on Friday, it's like WrestleMania weekend.

"That's not even counting NXT going on at the same time too, right?

"So much wrestling, for a guy like me who loves it, great."

A series of WWE stars were released from the promotion on Wednesday.

The cuts included Mickie James, Samoa Joe, and Billie Kay.

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