Floyd Mayweather slams Logan and Jake Paul over lack of respect and 'crossing the line' in explosive fight face-off

FLOYD MAYWEATHER has told Logan Paul: Show me some respect.

The American legend came to blows with Internet star Logan and his loudmouth brother Jake on Thursday amid chaotic scenes at Hard Rock Stadium as the build up to the June 6 fight exploded with rage.

Mayweather was seething after Jake flipped his hat off during a TV interview while both parties exchanged nasty jibes and punches.

And the undefeated 44 year-old superstar reckons both need to realise just who they are messing with.

Mayweather told SunSport: "You can't keep crossing the line, keep touching me, taking my hat off, touching my shoes. It's all about respect.

"There is a thing called respect and a thing called disrespect. I am not going to tolerate any disrespect.

"I may have houses in Beverly Hills, nice estates and private jets but at the end of the day I am a man who demands respect and I will give respect.

"I know how to sell a fight but you cannot cross the line. I am human and very respectful but it's just like a rap battle.

"They can say certain things about me, I can say things about them. But what I won't do is push or touch anyone.

"I get paid to fight but I won't tolerate any disrespect. I kick ass for real. I don't know what these young kids are used to doing but it's all about respect. You have to reciprocate – treat me like you want to be treated."


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Jake Paul angered Mayweather by untying his laces as he spoke on stage before all hell broke loose soon after.

Mayweather added: "This is Floyd Mayweather versus Logan Paul not Jake Paul, so why when I am on stage, you untied my shoes? I don't have a problem with that but I am not doing this because I am hurting for money, I just like to entertain."

Logan Paul, 26, has fought just once as an amateur and once as a pro – drawing and losing to fellow YouTube star KSI – but reckons Mayweather is there for the taking.

He boasted: "After this fight I don't want anyone to tell me something is impossible.

"I am representing the guy who was counted out, the guy who believed in himself so much that his unrelenting belief in himself propelled him to success. That's me. I don't just think I can beat him. I know I can beat him."

Mayweather, however, couldn't care less.

He knows that as all eyes should have been on the build-up to Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders' clash this weekend, everyone quickly became transfixed on viral videos of the American superstar going ballistic at the home of the Miami Dolphins.

Canelo may be the biggest active star of today yet Mayweather, who handed the Mexican the only defeat of his career in 2013, remains pure and utter box-office – retired or not.

He added: “Canelo was 23 and I was 36 when we fought. Look at me when I was 23. I was a monster. No fighter in history could have beaten me. No-one could beat me at any age.

“I had my time but out of all the great fighters who beat more world champions than anyone in 50 fights? They talk about the attendance for Canelo’s fight. But with 17,000 people in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, I generated $73 million in two minutes when my tickets sold out.

“You can talk about Sugar Ray Robinson or this guy did this, or he did that. Nobody did it like Floyd Mayweather.

“I retired before 40 and made a billion dollars with a real estate portfolio out of this world.

“All I do is just sit back and live the life I live. I don’t have to do an exhibition.

“This is a fight for him but for me? It’s like waking up, having a shower and putting on my clothes. It’s just another day.

“All people have been talking about is Covid and vaccines. Let’s get back to entertaining the people and having fun.”


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