‘Fortnite’ Week 4 challenges: How to find Buried Treasure, use Pirate Cannon and Baller

The fourth week of “Fortnite” challenges in Season 8 is here, and we’ll help you accomplish all of the tasks.

In Week 1 we located all of the Pirate Camp locations and found the giant faces hidden throughout. Week 2 made you go far on the map to find the furthest North, South, East and West points. Week 3 was engaging by making you think a little bit with a new loading screen.

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Below are the challenges you need to accomplish for Week 4:

Fortnite Challenges: Season 8, Week 4

Free Challenges

  • Search for Buried Treasure (2)
  • Launch yourself through structures with a Pirate Cannon (25)
  • Get an elimination with a scoped weapon and a suppressed weapon

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Use The Baller in different matches (5)
  • Eliminate opponents at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park (10)
  • Outlast opponents in a single match (90)
  • Stage 1: Land at Tilted Towers
  • Stage 2: Land at Junk Junction
  • Stage 3: Land at Retail Row
  • Stage 4: Land at Happy Hamlet
  • Stage 5: Land at Pleasant Park

Search for Buried Treasure

Early in Season 8 of “Fortnite” we were introduced to a new item: the Treasure Map. These are found just like any other item, through treasure chests and as floor loot, and they lead you to finding treasure chests underneath the ground. All you need to do to accomplish this challenge is find two Treasure Maps and follow them and uncover the buried treasure.

For a full walkthrough on how to use a Treasure Map, check out our guide here.

Launch yourself through structures with a Pirate Cannon

You can find Pirate Cannons at the Pirate Camps throughout the map. In order to accomplish this challenge, you’ll need to shoot yourself out of the cannon and crash through 25 structures. These don’t need to be opponent’s structures, they can be buildings already loaded on the map. So while this is a time-consuming challenge, you can do it peacefully on a not-so-crowded part of the map.

Get an elimination with a Scoped weapon and a Suppressed weapon

Probably the easiest challenge on the list. You just need to get two eliminations, one with a Scoped weapon (such as a sniper rifle) and one with a Suppressed weapon (any weapon with a silencer). This doesn’t even need to be accomplished in the same game so you have plenty of time to get this one done.

Use The Baller in different matches

The Baller is a new item that you’ve no doubt seen if you’ve played the game recently. Epic Games recently reduced the number of Ballers by 50 percent, but they’re still fairly easy to find. They spawn all throughout the map. And this challenge is easy because you don’t even need to do anything in The Baller other than just use it in five different games.

Eliminate opponents at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park

This challenge is pretty self-explanatory. You need to eliminate 10 enemies in one or both of these locations. You can either land here and hope to get a quick kill or rotate over a little later once you have found better loot.

Outlast opponents in a single match

You need to outlast 90 opponents to accomplish this task. This is for a single match, so you need to place in the Top 10 in any game mode. Solo will probably be the easiest, and to accomplish this the easiest way would be to find a good location to hide and wait for others to eliminate everyone else. It’s not too exciting, but it will get the job done.

Stage 1: Land at Tilted Towers

Again, pretty straightforward. This is a staged challenge so you need to land in these areas in the correct order to complete the challenge.

The rest of the stages are:

  • Stage 2: Land at Junk Junction
  • Stage 3: Land at Retail Row
  • Stage 4: Land at Happy Hamlet
  • Stage 5: Land at Pleasant Park

And then you’re done with Week 4 challenges.

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