Gary Anderson tells doubters to "do one" and says he doesn’t practice for PDCs

Gary Anderson has insisted that he doesn't practise darts at home – and can sometimes go weeks without throwing a dart despite his history of major tournament triumphs.

The Flying Scotsman, who dug deep to see off the threat of Rob Cross in a deciding set despite dictating the last 16 clash, takes on Luke Humphries on Saturday afternoon with a semi-final spot at the 2022 PDC World Championship at stake.

The 51-year-old, who won back-to-back world titles in 2015 and 2016, was a runner-up last year despite going in as the 13th seed following knee and back injuries.

Heading into the current tournament as sixth in the world rankings, Anderson has shown glimpses of his peak ability – despite not practising while at home with his family.

He said before his quarter-final clash: "I just play darts.

"I don’t practise. People call me a liar. I’m telling you now: do one. If you want to see, come and live with me for six months.

"Stick us in the Big Brother house for six months, not a dartboard in sight, bring us out and play and we will see how good the other lot are. Then you talk about a natural darts player.

"I go weeks without throwing a dart. I’ve spent so many years playing, if you don’t know where that treble and double is, then you better get another hobby."

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Following his fourth round win over Ian White on Wednesday, Anderson was left in doubt over whether the tournament was safe to proceed following positive Covid-19 cases for three players.

When asked if Michael Van Gerwen's exit helps his chances, Anderson replied: "It doesn't really help anybody. I think it's hard… to me it's not right.

"You've got players losing money, got players gaining money, and it's gonna be a kind of shambles for the next few months in the rankings I think.

"What can you do, shut us down? Go by everyone in the first round who was fit, winners get paid, losers get paid, call it a day. Do away with it this year."

Adding when asked if that's what he wants to happen: "You have to… well I don't know, it's hard.

"Everyone's trying to be (careful) but everyday there's somebody else getting it so I don't know. It's one of these things."

Before joking: "But if I miss my holiday… god help yous."

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