Get the right bike for a pleasant ride

If you are attending the OCBC Cycle next weekend and are looking to enjoy your ride, it is not only important to have the right attire and nutrition but also to have a bike that fits your riding abilities.

For a novice, a mountain bike would be more suitable than a road bike, says Aleoca project manager Goh Say Eng .

He added: “If you go straight to a road bike, there will be too many new things that overwhelm you. Using the right bicycle for the right cycling intentions will ensure a more pleasurable ride for the cyclist.

“The tyres of (a 26-inch aluminium alloy mountain bike) are broader at 1.95 inches and, with a 26-inch wheel, it cushions bumps in the road, making it easier to ride.

“There’s also a straight and wide handle bar which helps riders to manoeuvre with ease.”

However, he added that mountain bikes, with their broader tyres, provide more resistance and thus are not built for speed.

For intermediate cyclists who are looking to transition to a road bike, Goh recommends going for a road-and-mountain-bike hybrid.

The handle bar is that of a mountain bike but the tyres are similar to road bike tyres. The components are mostly made up of mountain bike parts.

The 30-year-old said: “The gears and the cockpit are more instinctive than a road bike, making it easier for riders to transition from a mountain bike to a hybrid.”

The most challenging bicycle would be the road bike due to the riding posture and the structure of the handle bar, requiring riders to crouch forward.

However, they provide a more aerodynamic and faster ride.

Goh shared how one could customise their road bike for comfort and convenience.

“Beyond the colours, design and frame, we also measure the rider’s body and build the components to prevent back aches and hand numbness,” he said.

For parents looking to get a bicycle for their children, he recommends the 20-inch bicycle with higher handle bars and attachable training wheels.

“Kids tend to grow faster so the higher handle bar ensures that their knees won’t be obstructed as they grow.”

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