Green Bay Packers could be targeting 2020 to make noise with new head coach

GREEN BAY — It’s looking like the Green Bay Packers are doing a soft rebuild with their eye on the 2020 season.

The biggest sign is president/CEO Mark Murphy’s decision Sunday to fire Mike McCarthy and start over with a new coach next season.

Sure, there’s a chance a new coach can click with Aaron Rodgers and, with the help of the 2019 draft and free-agent classes, contend for a Super Bowl next season. Murphy wasn’t wrong at his news conference Monday when he mentioned that possibility by pointing to Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, who became a bona fide Super Bowl contender last year on the strength of an outstanding 2018 draft.

More often, though, teams need a year to adjust to a new coaching staff, and vice versa.

Think back to 2006, when the Packers hired McCarthy. They had the quarterback in place with Brett Favre but still went only 8-8 that first year. Then in 2007 they were 13-3 and hosting the NFC Championship.

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