Harry Maguire free to return to Britain after appearing in court over ‘brawl with Brits and police’ in Mykonos

HARRY Maguire is free to return to Britain after appearing in court accused of punching a cop following a drunken brawl in Mykonos.

The Man Utd captain has been held in a cell for two nights after being arrested following the fight outside a bar on Friday.

Maguire, 27, was taken from Mykonos where he is on holiday with his family and pals to the island of Syros to face prosecutors today.

The England star was pictured leaving the court today wearing a white shirt, baseball cap and face mask.

When asked whether Maguire was still a free man, his lawyer told Sky News: "Right now, yes."

Maguire is now free to return to the UK ahead of a hearing on Tuesday, which he does not have to attend, local media reports.

The star and two others, aged 28 and 29, are accused of violence against officials, bodily harm and attempted bribery.

The £85million centre-back faces up to three years in prison if convicted.

A row erupted when Maguire was apparently taunted by rival fans after a marathon drinking session.

His sister Daisy was then stabbed in the arm with a "sharp object" – causing the England star to step in and defend her, Mykonos Voice reports.

A mass brawl then allegedly broke out between Maguire and his mates and the other group of Brit holidaymakers in trendy Fabrika.

But when police were called to break up the fight, the Utd captain was allegedy "verbally abusive to an officer and then hit him".

Two cops suffered facial injuries during the scrap after they were allegedly hurled to the ground, punched and kicked, police say.

The footballer, who rakes in around £190,000-a-week, then reportedly tried to bribe officers.

One eyewitness told The Sun: “There was a group of guys who had been chanting at Harry on Wednesday night, but it was a bit of banter.

“On Thursday they were more aggressive, saying, ‘F*** United’.

“They were trying to wind him up. They were also trying to mess around with a group of girls there.

“Harry got upset. They told Harry, ‘F*** United’ again and a brawl started with Harry’s mates.

“As they fell to the ground Harry was kicking the guys in the back. The girls were screaming.

“Two police officers nearby came to try and break it up and Harry got really p***ed off with them.

“He was telling them, ‘Go f*** yourselves, this is none of your business.’

They were trying to wind him up. They were also trying to mess around with a group of girls there.

"They tried to arrest him and Harry started hitting the police. They had to call for back- up.

"Two or three more police came but Harry was so strong and upset that they couldn’t pin him down.

“He was screaming at them, they had a really hard time — at least one police officer was hurt.

“It took more than five officers to get him down.”

Earlier on Thursday, Maguire’s girlfriend Fern Hawkins had posted a picture of the couple on Instagram with the caption: “Holidays with you.”

Exclusive video obtained by The Sun shows him partying with team-mates Lingard, 27, and Brandon Williams, 19.

Others there included Love Island star Chris Hughes, 27, snooker ace Judd Trump, 31, and Lottie Moss, 22, the sister of supermodel Kate.

Maguire had spent the afternoon at flash SantAnna beach bar where he was seen boozing by the pool.

Tables at the swanky club cost around £1,000 each for an afternoon and the beds around £500 each.

The venue also offers a Midas-size bottle of “ultra-premium” Armand de Brignac Brut Gold, which comes with a helicopter ride through the Cycladic Islands, for an eye-watering 125,000 euros (£112,000).

Clips filmed at 6pm show topless Maguire pouring himself a large Jack Daniel’s and Coke at the poolside bar.

One reveller said: “The group had booked four tables and several beds, and they were knocking back bottles of spirits and champagne.

“They partied all afternoon until about 8pm when there was a bit of a scuffle with a guy in a Man City shirt.

"A friend of Maguire’s brother got into a row with him, and all the players stepped up to defend him. They were shouting and pointing aggressively.

“A few minutes later, their security guards ushered them all out.”

By then the group had knocked back several bottles of Jack Daniel’s at £280 a pop, bottles of £750 Hennessy Cognac, £315 bottles of Ciroc vodka as well as “gallons” of champagne.

Maguire then made his way to Bonbonniere bar in trendy Fabrika at around 8pm where sister Daisy added a clip of him to her Instagram.

The VIP club sells high-end booze such as Grey Goose vodka for up to 1,500 euros (£1,350) a bottle.

It is believed that the brawl ­happened at 12.30am on Friday in the street outside.

The island has a strict midnight curfew on clubs due to coronavirus fears and police heavily patrol the streets to enforce it.

Local police raced to the scene, but the situation escalated when it is claimed two men in Maguire’s group shouted abuse at the officers and struck at least one of them.

One eyewitness told The Sun: “Maguire was grappling with four cops and they just couldn’t bring him down – he’s a strong guy.

"As far as I know, the fight started because his group had been yelled at by some idiots who obviously weren’t United fans.”

Other footage has emerged of the star enjoying a boozy break on the luxury Greek island before the new season kicks off next month.

One video, which appears to have been shot on Wednesday, shows Maguire in a crowded bar posing for pictures with fans.

Maguire can be seen smiling as he checks his phone while a group of lads sing football chants behind him.

The defender also encountered Love Island's Chris Hughes on Wednesday night.

The reality star shared a photo of Maguire in his Instagram story on Wednesday showing the beaming footballer clutching a shot glass.

Hughes had his own trouble in Mykonos after he was left with a gash inches from his eye following a boozy accident on Wednesday.

The star is on a lads holiday in Greece with snooker champion Judd Trump.

Maguire popped up in videos taken at Trump's birthday bash on Thursday.

The defender could be seen in a group of people topless while bobbing along to music by a swimming pool.

The clip was shared on snooker player Oliver Lines' Instagram story.

And his partner Fern Hawkins posted an Instagram shot of the pair enjoying some time together 15 hours ago.

Fern, who has two baby daughters with Maguire, captioned the sweet photo: "Holidays with you" followed by a love heart.

A statement from Utd said: "The club is aware of an alleged incident involving Harry Maguire in Mykonos last night.

"Contact has been made with Harry and he is fully co-operating with the Greek authorities.

"At this time we will be making no further comment."

It comes after Utd suffered yet another painful semi-final defeat – this time to Sevilla in the Europa League.

Had they won, Utd would have faced Inter Milan in the final last night in Germany.

Maguire said he was “devastated’ by the early exit on Sunday.

The Sheffield-born star became the world's most expensive defender when he signed for Utd from Leicester City for £85million in August last year.

He was named captain in January this year following Ashley Young's departure to Inter Milan.

He is next due to play at Old Trafford for their first game of the season on September 19 against Crystal Palace.

Maguire has made 26 appearances for England and was a key part of the team's journey to theWorld Cup semi-finals in 2018.

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