How Chelsea star Olivier Giroud, 34, defies his years with a strict diet and tough fitness plan to keep scoring

CHELSEA forward Olivier Giroud continues to defy his years.

The former Arsenal star was the match-winner for the Blues in their 1-0 win against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League – showing astonishing athleticism by scoring with an overhead kick.

Just like the age-less Cristiano Ronaldo, the French World Cup winner has given longevity to his career with a strict diet plan and tough fitness routine.

And he eats plenty of fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish to maintain his incredible physique, while working overtime in the gym.


Crucial to Giroud's health and fitness plan is what he puts into his body.

The 6ft4in striker avoids processed foods, sugar and unhealthy oils – corn, canola, vegetable, and other chemically engineered cocktails.

He chows down on a variety of breakfasts, including bagels with strawberry jam, egg white and ham omelettes, or brown toast with scrambled eggs.

For lunch his options feature green Salad with mixed beans, salmon and rice, baked potato with tuna, or even a tuna pasta.

At dinner, he will have fish (sometimes haddock or tuna steak) with a broccoli, or chicken with green vegetables.

Occasionally, he will go for a lean steak – with a mixed salad or steamed vegetables.

And because Giroud is so incredible active, he will snack regularly during the day.

Things he eats are dried fruit and nuts, muesli bars, popcorn and banana sandwiches.


Of course, this high-energy diet gives Giroud plenty to burn off when he works out.

And when he's not training with Chelsea in Cobham, he is fully utilising his time off to stay fit with a action-packed routine.

Reportedly, he allows himself just one day off on a Wednesday.

Weekends, if he's not playing, he does some cardio exercises and again rests.

On Mondays, he's bench pressing, lifting dumbbells and working his abs using a plate twist.

Tuesdays, he incorporates mountain climbers into his exercise, as well as squats and reverse grip push-ups.

Thursday, Giroud will continue with weight exercises, including a series of routines with dumbbells, close-grip EZ-Bar curls and three sets of pull-ups of five reps.

And for Friday, it's burpees, a variety of squats, and plyometric lunges. The latter helps develop and improve lower body strength and power, as well as challenge dynamic stability and coordination.


With his stunning strike against Atletico Madrid, Giroud became the oldest player to score in the knockout stages of the Champions League for Chelsea at 34 years and 146 days.

But that didn't surprise his manager Thomas Tuchel, who is in awe of his striker's approach to keeping himself in shape.

"If you see him on a daily basis, you cannot be surprised. He is totally fit, his body is in shape and his physicality is on top level," Tuchel said in an interview after the game.

"He trains like a 20-year-old, like a 24-year-old. He is a guy who has a good mixture of serious and joy in training. He is always positive and it is a big factor for the group."

With the Premier League giants holding a 1-0 advantage going into the second leg, you wouldn't put it past Giroud to add to his tally this season as Chelsea progress in the competition.

That record will then continue to be broken by this extraordinary athlete.

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