How 'off his nut' Danny Dyer ruined Burnley boss Sean Dyche's 'team talk' by jumping in his taxi with Kasabian's Serge

FOOTY boss Sean Dyche has revealed he once had a team talk ruined by a drunken Danny Dyer.

The Burnley manager was trying to record his team talk in the back of a static taxi at a pal's wedding as a video message for the happy couple.

But Dyer was so wasted he climbed into the cab with a member of rock band Kasabian and ruined the motivational chat.

Dyer, 43, said: "I can't remember what happened or what I said I was totally off my nut."

Dyche explained: "We were at the wedding of mutual friends and I was asked to do a team talk.

"I can confirm Danny was completely off his nut and the video of what went on still exists.

"The couple who got married still have it at home somewhere."

Dyche also revealed he mops his lounge floor in ripped boxer shorts before matches.

He told how he gets a bit jumpy before big matches and does domestic duties to keep calm.

The gravel-voiced Premier League boss shares a flat with his assistant Ian Woan.


Dyche, aged 49, told talkSPORT today: "We were playing Arsenal one day and to avoid over-thinking it before kick off I started mopping the floor in a pair of ripped boxer shorts and old T-shirt.

"Ian Woan was relaxing on the coach and just said 'Do you reckon Arsene Wenger is mopping the floor in his pants at the moment?'"

Dyche and Dyer were talking to Laura Woods on talkSPORT's Breakfast Show.

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