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AS a man of a certain vintage, I remember the hype when Red Bull landed on our shores in the 1990s.

A then teen, school lunch money was saved for a hallowed can of the fizzy beverage that promised to give me wings, but delivered an upset stomach. However, a sip of the energy drink was worth starvation at 13.

Today, it is Prime that is the talk of the world… and the playground. A quick look on eBay reveals bottles for sale for as much as £5,000, while the retail price seems to vary from £2 to a tenner in some newsagents, if you can find it.

Launched by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul – they claim to have made around £300million from the energy drink, that's available in a multitude of flavours, including tropical punch, ice pop and blue raspberry.

Not one to miss out on a marketing opportunity, Tyson Fury also has his own branded energy drinks, suitably named Furocity in four flavours – sour cherry knockout, black and blue raspberry, sour apple and original.

Available in Iceland and Asda, a can costs as little as a £1. Much better on the wallet.

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Accepting a bad night's sleep ahead, I managed to get my hands on two flavours of Prime and two flavours of Furocity, in the name of research, to find out what tastes better.

Here are my thoughts.

Prime – Tropical Punch

Calories: 25

Fat: 0g

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Recommended retail price: £2

Jon says: First impression it's an easy drink to neck – although at the prices some charge, you will want to savour it slowly.

There's absolutely no fizz to it – and further sips con me into thinking I am drinking flavoured water.

It's certainly hydrating, as is what is said on the bottle. Tropical, it is, punch – it packs that and a nice taste.

Dare I say, like my old friend Red Bull – it would make a mean mixer. Someone pass the vodka.

Prime – Blue Raspberry

Calories: 25

Fat: 0g

Recommended retail price: £2

Jon says: Never been a fan of raspberries. They are an overrated superfood that taste like nothing.

Prime's blue raspberry drink, though, had me hooked the moment I took a tentative gulp.

Ultimately refreshing, I finished it very quickly. Again, it's very easy to drink and very moreish.

The better of the two flavours, in my humble opinion.

Furocity – Sour Cherry Knockout

Calories: 88

Fat: 0g

Recommended retail price: £1

Jon says:'Unlike my opponents, Furocity packs a real punch'. At least that's what it says on the can, accompanied with a photo of a rather fierce-looking Tyson.

It's got a bit of fizz, the equivalent to carbonated water I'd say.

Honestly, it takes a little bit like cherry cola, which isn't a bad thing in my book.

At 500ml, it seems like a lot of drink. But I like this one.

Furocity – Black and Blue Raspberry

Calories: 88

Fat: 0g

Recommended retail price: £1

Jon says: This is almost like a direct fight between Prime's blue raspberry and this contender.

The flavour, itself, is OK. I prefer the cherry one. It's quite harsh on the palate – same as before, a little too fizzy for my liking.

I'm not sure it's good for the teeth either. A quick reveal of my tongue shows it to be bluer than hypothermia.

Ultimately, though, I feel full of energy and chatter.


I've worked it out.

Furocity is clearly more aimed at adults, even though Prime suggests it shouldn't be consumed by anyone under the age of 18.

It feels like more of an energy drink akin to Monster Energy – and would probably work well as an accompaniment to a work out.

It certainly filled me with more energy than Prime.

For flavour and an easier drink, Prime is most certainly the winner. I can't say I felt the same energetic buzz like I did for Furocity. It is very refreshing though.

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Now, time to dust off the trainers and go for a run.

I am wired, and dreading trying to close my eyes for a wink of sleep later tonight.

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