In a very bad year, sports came through when we needed them most

You've read this probably a million times, but 2020 was an unprecedented, once-a-century kind of year. For many, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic made this the hardest year of our lives.  

The coronavirus' impact extended to our refuge of sports, including outright halting almost all action for several months there.

But it wasn't all bad. 

As the sun begins to set on 2020, we are reflecting on some of the good things that happened in the sports world this year. This is Good Sports, after all: 

  • The heartwarming sports stories that lifted our spirits most. 
  • The sports figures who made the world a better place.   
  • The biggest winners of the year in the sports world. 
  • The most fascinating sports photos of the year.   
  • The players and teams who won championships this year.   

Must-read stories

  • 'They truly deserve it':  Families of former stars rejoice in MLB's decision to recognize the Negro Leagues as being "Major League."  
  • Alone at the top:Tara VanDerveer became the winningest coach in women's college basketball history last week. 
  • NBA offseason grades: Believe it or not, the NBA is already back. We grade how every team's (very brief) offseason went. 
  • Game-changer:What's next for Sarah Fuller, the Vanderbilt soccer player-turned–history-making-kicker?  
  • Name-changer: "I am proud that we are going to do something that is correct," Terry Francona said of Cleveland's MLB team (eventually) changing its name.  
  • College Football Playoff set: The field is in place … and it's kind of boring?  

Must-see video from Sportskind

The Detroit Pistons dropped off a busload of gifts, food, and essentials to Pure Heart House, an organization serving kids with incarcerated parents.

Quick hits

  • Florida player who collapsed on court thanks doctors, fans in video. 
  • The LeBron James Family Foundation is undertaking another ambitious project. 
  • Why O-line coach has become one of the most lucrative gigs in college football.
  • The Greek Freak's extension is a big win – for more than just him and the Bucks.  
  • An NFL center played through A FRACTURED THROAT.  
  • College football recruiting + Tecmo Bowl = great content.   
  • The Utah Jazz's new 42-year-old owner grew up a fan of the team. 
  • Randy Moss argued that Jerry Rice is not the GOAT.  
  • Good stuff from Steph Curry and family. 
  • Happy birthday, Eddie Robinson! MLB's oldest living ex-player turned 100 last week.

Top-shelf advice from

  • How to get the most mileage out of your running shoe.
  • How to ease muscle tension when you can't get a massage.
  • Why TRX has become one writer's go-to workout.   

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