James McFadden: Oliver Burke can be our Gareth Bale

JAMES McFADDEN claims £15million Oliver Burke can be Scotland’s answer to Gareth Bale.

Gordon Strachan admitted he needed a superstar like Bale to lead Scotland to World Cup 2018.

Scotland legend Faddy insists Burke, who has joined German club Red Bull Leipzig in a shock deal, can be that superstar.

At 19, twice-capped Burke is the country’s most expensive player of all time.

But McFadden said: “It is like the Bale thing for Wales. He takes them to the next level and the rest of the players need to respond. He lifts the level of the team.

“I know he is young and it puts a massive expectation on him, but, the older he gets, we hope that’s the sort of impact he is going to have on the team.

“We hope he has a great club career, but ultimately, we want him to be the man for Scotland.

“The fact he has got his move, hopefully he will come into the camp and be full of confidence and can impress enough.

“He is unknown a bit, so it is better going into games when the teams you are playing against don’t really know everything about you.

“When he was in the first couple of squads, nobody knew anything about him.

“I don’t think he played that much for Nottingham Forest, then he goes for £15m.

“I think it is great. He is going to a different country and learning a new way of playing, to learn a new culture and develop, hopefully, in a good way for us.”

Burke will join up with Scotland today as Strachan and No 2 Mark McGhee prepare for Sunday’s World Cup opener in Malta.

McFadden added: “I know Mark is a huge fan and I don’t think he will be surprised he has gone for that amount of money.

“He feels he can go all the way to the top.

“The comparisons have been made with Bale and Mark says he won’t be surprised if he goes on the same way he did.

“He has a great physique and all the attributes to become a real top player.”



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