Jason Bateman’s humor, likeability on display in Hyundai’s new Super Bowl ad

There’s an expression about trustworthiness that goes something like this: Would you buy a used car from this man?

Well, in its Super Bowl ad, Hyundai is pitching new cars, not used — and the man they think you’d buy one from is Jason Bateman.

“For this role, it was always Jason Bateman,” ad exec Barney Goldberg said in a statement. “It had to be him.”

Bateman is the straight-man star of the cult-classic sitcom Arrested Development and movies such as Horrible Bosses and Game Night.

“Jason is really the only person that could pull off humor like this while staying so likeable,” added Goldberg, executive creative director of Innocean USA.

Likeability is part of the Bateman brand. Or as The Guardian once put it: “Like most of the characters he has played, Bateman can get away with saying terrible things but still be incredibly likeable.”

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