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KSI and Logan Paul's long-awaited rematch is almost here.

Despite allegations from some pundits that the bout in LA is nothing but a glorified amateur contest, others are keen to stress that the rematch could be huge for the popularity of boxing.

KSI vs Logan Paul predictions

THE first bout between the two fighters was an amateur contest, fought over six three-minute rounds in Manchester.

Although this fight will be over the same distance, the headguards are now gone and both boxers have gone professional.

That means lighter gloves – with less padding – and the very real possibility of both carving out a lucrative career in the sport.

Currently Logan is the bookies favourite to take the bout, although KSI maintains he was nowhere near his best last year and will show what he's really about on November 9.

Here's how the biggest names in boxing think of KSI vs Logan Paul II:

Tyson Fury

"I actually fancy Logan Paul to beat [KSI].

"It was a close fight, the first one. But I feel he’s going to learn from his mistakes and train harder this time.

"It’s fantastic for boxing, because they both have millions of followers.

“Logan Paul has got – I don’t know how many followers, lots, and so does KSI, so it brings all those people across to boxing as well which is an amazing thing."

“For non-sporting people who are very famous in their own right to come to the sport, it brings new fans, new attention.

“Two computer guys are topping the bill at the Staples Center with world champions on their undercard."

Chris Eubank Jr

"Listen, these guys are doing great things.

"They’re not your typical professional boxers, obviously, but they’re still shining a light on the great sport, the sport that we all love.

"They’re bringing it to a whole new audience. Some people say they shouldn’t be doing this, they shouldn’t be doing that, it’s not fair that they’re making a lot of money out of the sport.

"KSI is one of my good friends. I’ve trained with him on and off and I’ve seen some good things. I’m rooting for him and I think that he’ll do the business."

Daniel 'Dynamite' Dubois

"Boxing is an entertainment sport and I’m sure it’ll be entertaining.

"People have this set view of how boxing should be and sometimes that holds us back. They've already shown they’re ready to put it on the line.

"I watched the first fight, or the highlights really. I don’t know who to go with in the second fight.

"Logan seems really confident. He’s talking the talk, so let’s see if he can walk the walk."

Katie Taylor

"I'm not really too sure to think of the Logan fight.

"Sometimes I think it makes a mockery of the sport in that these two YouTubers are headlining a big show.

"It's all about business, I understand that. I'm just interested in the purity of the sport, I love fighters going toe-to-toe together.

“I love the fight game, I love the purity of the sport. There's something very noble about going into the trenches against your opponent.

"I just love that side of the sport, I don't like the other side of it."

Promoter Eddie Hearn

"The Logan Paul versus KSI fight is a one-off. I’m not looking to do celebrity matches.

"Since we’ve announced this fight, I can’t begin to tell you how many singers, football players and YouTubers have gotten in touch wanting to get on this card.

"From a charity perspective, that’s fine.

"We made this a professional fight because I wanted to make sure they both understood the code of the sport.

"The first fight was a decent one so I had to look closer at this.

"We need to showcase ourselves to the Gen Z audience. It’s very difficult to attract them via contemporaries methods.

"These fighters will be bringing built-in audiences and expose them to the elite fighters like Devin Haney and Billy Joe Saunders, who will also be on the show."

Anthony Joshua

"I think [the fight is] sick. [Hearn] could have promoted it from a point of view that’s non-boxing, but getting their licenses, no head guards, rounds of boxing.

"What people have to realise is, you have to put all eyes on boxing for us all to thrive.

"I’m going KSI. He’s done it before, but Logan Paul is a big unit.

"He’s done it before, he’s been in there and that experience is good."

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