Logan Paul trains with brother Jake as YouTuber insists he 'got under Floyd Mayweather's skin' amid exhibition fight

LOGAN PAUL has been pictured training alongside his brother Jake – and reckons he's already managed to get under the skin of Floyd Mayweather.

The internet sensation faces Mayweather in a 'special exhibition fight' next February.

Paul revealed on his YouTube channel that talks had been ongoing since March, around the same time he FaceTimed the boxing legend.

And after exchanging back-and-forths with the 43-year-old all-time great, the boxing novice is confident he won the war of words.

Paul, 25, said: "So I think I got under his skin a little bit or p***ed him off.

"Because a few weeks later I was presented with an actual contract."

Mayweather – who retired as a pro in 2017 after beating Conor McGregor – then announced the mismatch on his Instagram at the start of December.

Paul has wasted no time in preparing for the fight, his first since losing to social media rival KSI by split-decision on their pro debuts last year.

The American was captured skipping with his little brother Jake, 23, who is 2-0 in his career and knocked out retired NBA player Nate Robinson, 36, in November.

Paul is in the process of shipping out sparring partners to his mansion in Los Angeles, leaving no stone unturned.

And while he is eager to show off his undeniable commitment to the fight, Mayweather will do so in private.

According to his sparring partner Denis Douglin, the former pound-for-pound king will 'train his ass off' behind closed doors.

Douglin, 32, told SunSport: "I think he could walk in as he is and still be fine.

"But, Floyd being Floyd, he's going to train and he's going to train his ass off. That's just the level of perfectionist he is.

"The kid is a lot bigger and anything can happen. He lands a freak punch and knocks Floyd out, you change the world of boxing.

"Floyd's not going to let that happen. Floyd, in my opinion, will train for this.

"Maybe not as intense as he would for Pacquiao or someone like that, but he's not going to come off the street and fight him."

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