Meet Gerald Tucker, Floyd Mayweather’s unknown coach who retired undefeated after brother's murder and pals with 50 Cent

GERALD TUCKER might have the easiest job in the history of boxing.

If you thought Andy Ruiz Jr’s chef ahead of the Anthony Joshua rematch was nicking a living – or Mike Tyson’s dressing gown designer was getting money for old towel – Tucker might have it sewn up even better.

Because the American former fighter is the man in charge of training 50-0 ring legend Floyd Mayweather for his sham showdown with 0-1 YouTuber Logan Paul.

The five-weight legend takes on the blond-mulleted professional prankster on June 6 in one of the most overmatched bouts in boxing history.

Since this is the first Floyd ‘bout’ since his brilliant uncle and trainer Roger Mayweather sadly died in March 2020, the Money Man has had to employ a new cornerman.

And Tucker has landed the cushiest gig in the hurt business as 44-year-old Floyd could win this fight with a couple of limbs tied behind his back.

The ring icon and Tucker, who retired as a fighter with a 7-0-1 record, go way back to the 1996 Olympic team where Mayweather left with a bronze medal.

Tucker made his pro debut in 2000 and had six fights in one year before leaving the sport after being hit by personal tragedy.

In August 2001, at the weigh-in for his Utah fight with Jose Castro, Tucker took a phone call that would end his promising young career. Back home in Cincinnati, Tucker’s brother had been shot and killed.

Incredibly the hot prospect managed to compose himself and score a first-round KO that meant he could race the 1,600 miles home ASAP.

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Days away from the gym turned into months and years and a life spent training in the gym turned into an illegal career making quick money on the streets.

But at the start of 2013, Tucker bumped into reformed gangster-turned-boxing-manager 50 Cent who asked him to train his new signing Donte Strayhorn.

It wasn’t long before fighters noticed Tucker could still cut it with the 8oz gloves, let alone the pads and spit bucket, so he made a brief but cathartic return to the ring

In 2016, after 15 years in retirement, GT enjoyed two wins inside two months before hanging up his gloves again, a healed man.


As a trainer around Cincinnati and his adopted Vegas he has now worked with the excellent Jamel Herring, Gervonta Davis and Adrien Broner and it is with Broner that he has shown most depth as a mentor as well as a coach.

The Mayweather protege dubbed ‘About Billions’ looked hellbent on wrecking his career through inactivity, addiction and diet. But Tucker guided him to a comeback win in February after he had spent two years out of the ring and had fans worried for his life, let alone his career.

When not in the ring, GT is on the decks as a music producer. A quick look at his social media posts portrayal a man as comfortable behind a keyboard as he is a double jab.

And the loving father remains a keen chef, to help keep his charges fighting fit.

Of all the roles Tucker has performed in his storied and varied career so far, helping one of the finest fighters in history beat a clumsy novice should be the easiest.

But he has put a lifetime into the sport to achieve this easy shift.

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