Mike Francesa: Eli Manning leaving WFAN spot with ‘writing on the wall’

Eli Manning is so uncertain about his immediate future as the Giants’ starting quarterback that he’s canceled his weekly WFAN spot with Mike Francesa, the longtime radio host said on his show Friday.

Not surprisingly, Francesa was among those who went off on the Giants for drafting Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the sixth overall pick during his opening monologue, but in typical fashion he also found a way to make the story partly about himself.

“Eli’s so set on his future, that he didn’t want to do this show this year,” Francesa said. “And it’s not because he’s sick of me. That might be some people’s thing, but it’s not Eli’s.

“Because he can see the handwriting. If you can’t see this handwriting on the wall, folks, hey, it’s block letters. If they somehow miraculously, with a defense on paper that looks like it’s awful, win, well, hey, everybody’s happy.”

The Giants informed the station weeks ago that Manning wanted to end his weekly spot, but he still will appear on FAN occasionally, The Post’s Andrew Marchand reports.

“Everybody can hold hands and dance to the playoffs. But when that doesn’t happen, it’s about ‘our future,’” Francesa said. “Then it’s about getting our player valuable experience. And it’s exactly what happened to Kurt Warner, and Eli knows it better than anyone and obviously [is] not very comfortable with it, nor would I be.”

After being the No.1 pick in the 2004 draft, Manning started the season sitting behind Warner but started the final seven games.

“It’s not about whether they could have traded down and gotten Jones, or whether Jones is going to be Eli Manning or Dave Brown,” Francesa said, referring to the former Duke quarterback the Giants took in the first round of the supplemental draft in 1992. “That will be decided down the road, that’s not the point here…How can you have one of your prime assets, one of your biggest chips to help you getting better, be a player who cannot get on the field, who cannot help you, when you need massive amounts of help?

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“If you’re in love with the quarterback then put him out there and let him play, and you should have used your assets by getting rid of Eli and used that money to get more players. Because the Giants would like win a couple of games and not be the new doormats of the league anymore, which they’ve become over the last six years. The Giants now act like losers, they have no plan, like losers, and the people running the team in my estimation are losers. I don’t believe a word (Dave) Gettleman says, not a word.“

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