NFL power rankings: Who follows Super Bowl champion Patriots in final poll?

1. Patriots (7): What's left to say? Definitively the greatest dynasty in NFL history, even on heels of subpar (by their standards) regular season. Now in a race with Pittsburgh to be first seven-time Super Bowl champions.

2. Saints (1):They got shafted. Period. In retrospect (or forespect?), who wouldn't have preferred a New England-New Orleans, Brady-Brees Super Bowl LIII?

3. Chiefs (4): They've also got strong argument for finishing second in final 2018 power rankings poll after taking eventual champs to OT in AFC title game.

4. Rams (3): Great season. But Super Bowl flop, Todd Gurley mystery, Jared Goff's postseason struggles, non-call in New Orleans deservedly knock them down.

5. Chargers (6): Could best Bolts team in recent memory be even better in 2019 with full seasons out of DE Joey Bosa and TE Hunter Henry?

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