Paige VanZant considering getting huge NECK tattoo like husband as she asks fans 'should I?' with Instagram filter

PAIGE VanZant is th-inking of having a massive, scary-looking object on her neck.

And she doesn't mean a gruesome wrestling rival performing a submission grip.

The ex-UFC superstar, 27, posted a filtered Instagram picture of her sporting a large tattoo – and asked fans if she should have the neck etching done for real.

Heavily-tattooed husband, 31-year-old fellow MMA ace Austin Vanderford, already has a well-inked neck.

But at least his wife is checking with her followers first before getting a permanent Paige mark.

Interestingly though, she also paraded a big pair of black-rimmed spectacles and a nose-ring in the picture.

Perhaps the aim was to distract from the questionable tattoo of what looked like a butterfly with the head of a ghoulish owl…. although it probably wasn't supposed to.

It's certainly far removed from the glamourous images Paige posted earlier this month – performing yoga poses as she basked on the beach in a bikini.

In fact, she has moved more into modelling since leaving UFC.

Paige has, though, also joined the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, losing her first match.

She once famously claimed she makes more money from her Instagram posts than she ever did in the ring.

But that might change if she shows off more designs like the 'butterfly' tattoo.

So maybe she should mothball the idea.


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